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Ozark Mountain Wood Burning makes rustic woodburned utensils and gifts to bring a timeless outdoorsy flair to your kitchen and home. Whether you’re shopping for the perfect gift for a nature-loving friend, decorating your home with beautiful wooden accents, or looking for stylish new kitchen accessories, the engraved designs on our high quality kitchen utensils and natural wood coasters will bring a touch of country warmth to any space.

We make beautiful kitchen items and home décor the old-fashioned way: with pride and care, following a tradition of craftsmanship and a timeless aesthetic. Our woodburned cooking spoons, wooden coasters and rustic cutting boards are handmade deep in the Ozarks using the time-honored craft of pyrography.

Bring a new heirloom into the family. With proper care and maintenance, these durable wooden utensils and coasters will look great and perform well for years on end. Every piece is unique: the engraving process is done by hand, allowing for slight variations in the finished design, and each piece of wood has its own character. Your Ozark Mountain purchase is truly your own, not a mass-manufactured product available in every big-box store.

Give the gift of functional rustic décor or bring the outdoors into your own home with Ozark Mountain Wood Burning: real wooden utensils, coasters and cutting boards for adventurous tastes.